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As part of the Art-Reach project, Alien Embodiments, based at the Irish Museum of Modern Art, students and staff from Howard University School of Business and the UCD MA Race, Migration & Decolonial Studies convened in Studio 8 for a workshop with Victory Nwabu-Ekeoma, The Global Passport

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This extraordinary day was made possible through a collaboration with Dr Vaneesha Dutra, Professor, Financial Markets & Real Estate, Behavioral Research and Dr Mariko Carson, Program Manager in the HU School of Business, MA RMDS graduate Ngozi Elobuike, and Victory Nwabu-Ekeomawho is the Editor of BIA! zine, a freelance writer, creative producer, content designer and global health researcher. 

It was hosted on 22 February 2023 by The Bureau of Decolonial Aesthesis which is an ongoing project  engaged as part of the Alien Embodiments art-reach developed by Alice Feldman and Rajinder Singh based in IMMA's Engagement and Learning department.

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