Dissertations Completed 

in the areas of Race, Migration and Decoloniality 

MA Race, Migration and Decolonial Studies

School of Sociology University College Dublin

Ilaria Bessone, Strange Encounters with “Victims of Trafficking”: How Italian Women Employed in the Civic Sector Meet Migrant Women in Order to Help Them, 2011

Dewi Brinkhuis, The Negotiation of the Diasporics of Identity: Transracial International Adoptees in the Dutch Discourse of Belonging, 2014

Franz Gustav Buhr, Feeling/Filling the Distances: Ways of Seeing Diaspora in Everyday Life, 2012

Saima Butt, Praxis of Solidarity: Narrative Journeys Through Decolonization, 2016

Jose Caceres, Between Feeling and Perception in the Motherland: The Construction of the Venezuelan Migrant Identity in Spain, 2011

Kate Dearden, (In)Visible Multiculturalism on Dublin’s Moore Street, 2014

Jana Finke, Refugees and Locals Under One Roof: Intersecting Borders At Home, 2016

Christiana Fizet, Discursively Excused: Erasing the State’s Complicity in Racism in Ireland Through Public Discourse, 2011

Nare Galstyan, The Contemporary Diasporic Model and Migrant Organizations: The Case Study of Armenians in the Netherlands, 2011

Natalia Gontsova, Ideology Legitimation Strategies of Nationalistic Parties in Russian, 2013

Cedric Gutz, International Lifestyle Migration in Berlin, 2014

Dalinda Pena Habib, Securing ‘first-world’ citizenship: The Role of Capital in Planned Transnational Births by Mexican Parents in the United States, 2015

Cristine Khan, Locating the “Jahaji”: Negotiating Indo-Caribbean Identifications in South Richmond Hill, 2016

Irene Leonardelli, Roots and Routes on the European Border-Space: A People-Centred Study on Place-Making and Race-Making in a Sicilian Sea Village, 2015

M Reveillex E. Lim,  Bittersweet Survival: Economic Reintegration  Realities of Filipino Return Migrants, 2013

Maritza Loaza, Human Rights and Development-Induced Displacement: The Case of Colombians in Costa Rica, 2012

Gabriela Simões Mathias, From Japantown to Chinatown? Negotiating Place in a Multiethnic Neighbourhood in Brazil, 2016

Viktoriia Mudrak, Transnational families and Distant Parenthood, An Example of Ukrainian Migrant Mothers’ and Fathers’ Parental Strategies, 2012

Marina Pislaru, The Economics of Colour: Inside China s Racialized ESL Market, 2016

Al Amin Rabby, The Struggle for Education Among Rohingya Refugees of Myanmar Living in  Bangladesh, 2015

Laura Roberts, The Impact of Structural and Practical Mechanisms on the Diffusion of Power Among Migrant Communities: The Case of the Multicultural Health Brokers Cooperative, 2011

Dilnoza Saratova, Identity Born in Violence: The Case of Uzbek Youth in Kyrgyzstan, 2011

Agne Stankeviciute, Inter-ethnic Couples in Lithuania Dealing with Racialisation and Ethnic Intolerance, 2012

Tirza Snoijl, Mopping the Floor with the Tap Still Running’: A Critical Case Study on Structural Ethno-Racial Inequality and Dutch Homelessness Policy, 2015

Manon Tiessien, An Expedition into the White Lowlands: Whiteness, Multiculturalism and Color-blind Ideology (Ethnic Identity Construction Among Native Dutch),  2011 

Eva Gracia Turgeon, From Roots to Routes: Locating Montreal Multilingual Youth within Quebec Hegenomic Discourse, 2016

Jolijn van der Ploeg, The Dutch Are Coming Back” Exploring the Impact of Gentrification on Local Social Cohesion in an Ethnically Diverse Neighborhood in Amsterdam, 2015

Sanda Vantoni, The Impact of the Family on Moroccan Return Migration, 2016